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Spring Shows

Slowly getting back into the "joys" of everyday life after a very enjoyable trip South.  We showed 8 rams and 4 ewes at Royal Adelaide Show and travelled to Bendigo to the White Suffolk and Suffolk Elite Show and Sale. 

Will get some photos up soon.  Very pleasing to get a first in class at Adelaide with number 282 also managed 4th in the same class with 271.  These rams were placed 2nd (271) and 3rd (282) in their class at Bendigo. We were very impressed with the depth of twist in the ram that won the class, and purchased him from the Noble Lee stud.

Show Results

  2015 Showing season going well.  Lambs are beginning to settle.

  So far we have been to Gulgong and Binnaway .  Great results at Binnaway, were we managed to win  Interbreed Ram with Kurrali 185,  Interbreed Ewe with Kurrali 200, and Interbreed Group with Kurrali 185, 200, & 201.

We are heading to Mudgee this weekend, then we go to Coonabarabran and are really looking forward to being at Toowoomba Royal were Suffolk's are the feature breed.

Taree Show

Hitting the road again this weekend, heading for Taree .  Will show 4 rams and 5 ewes there. Look forward to meeting the folk there and show our stock off.  Hope you can see us there.


Spider Tests back

     Results back from lab.

    We may have to re test K64 as his sample failed to produce a result . However all other test were negative. 

 We tested   A613, K308, K005, K222, K185, K190, K195, K191, K164,  K 200, K201, K153, K003, K025, K148, K212, K245, K256, K161


Spider Testing

   We are pleased to have finally sent samples to Qld for Spider Testing

    We test our 4 sires 13 stud rams and 3 ewes  .  Looking forward to posting the good news we will get back.

  Remember if your buying stud rams --- No Test don't Buy

Rams for 2014 joining

It is amazing the improvement in the Rams we have for sale over the past month or 2.  These rams need to be with ewes , give us a call and discuss our latest prices.

rams for sale

We have 11 rams available for sale 2 x  2011 drop and 9 x 2012 drop ready to work.

7 commercial rams for sale at the moment $400 to $880 incl GST and
4 stud rams available for $1200.00 incl GST.

Their photos are on the web page they are now shorn and have filled out since those photos were taken. We will take some group photos shortly and add to site for you to view. 

Overseas Visitors

Could our overseas visitors please drop us a line.
We would love to know how we can help you.

2013 Lambing

It's been a busy few months recently with this years lambing well underway. We still have around 10 ewes yet to lamb, with the vast majority likely to have multiples. Although Suffolks are prone to multiples it is interesting to note that many breeders that we know have been having unusually high rates of multiples. Our lambing percentage is currently up around 180% and is unlikely to fall, especially since our latest lambing withtwo sets of quadrupletsin a 24 hour period! (a photo of one of them is on or home page) which as you can imagine is a pretty rare occurrence.

Dubbo Show

We are heading to Dubbo Show tommorow.
We have a young judge, judging the suffolks .
From what I have seen of him, he knows his sheep.
So hopefully the ribbons go on the best sheep in the class.
The Best Sheep are balanced.
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